One-on-One Consultations

Everyone who registered by April 2 receives one complimentary consultation with an agent or editor. Preference forms will be emailed out to those registrants by April 16.

Everyone who registers after April 2 will have the opportunity to purchase one consultation with an agent or editor. The purchase form will be available on this page starting April 16. Please check back then.
Consultations will be assigned first come, first served. 



Refund and Transfer Policy
There are no refunds for purchased consultations (and no exceptions). When you purchase a consultation, you are guaranteed a one-on-one session with an agent or editor, but there are no guarantees regarding who that consultation will be with. If you are not comfortable purchasing a consultation without knowing who you'll be meeting with, we suggest you do NOT purchase one and instead plan to approach and speak to agents and editors during the general sessions at the conference.

You cannot transfer your consultation session to another conference registrant. The only instance when a complimentary consultation can be transferred to another person would be if you are no longer able to attend the conference and you transfer your entire registration (plus that consultation) to another person. This is only applicable to conference registrations purchased before April 3 (which included a complimentary consultation).