2015 Agents & Editors Conference Testimonials



For 22 years now, we've taken great pride in our Agents & Editors Conference, the tentpole event for the Writers' League of Texas's annual programming. Year after year, the conference has consistently grown and evolved and, without a doubt, gotten better and better. We can't say enough good things about this event, but why take our word for it?

Here's what some of our 2015 faculty and attendees had to say about last year's Agents & Editors Conference:


“The Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference is beautifully run, professionally and thoughtfully organized, and a great deal of fun. Few conferences showcase region, established and aspiring writers so seamlessly. I was mightily impressed with the participants—indeed, I signed a terrific new client—and by the conference organizers and volunteers, whose commitment to the Writers’ League and to fostering local literary culture everywhere was in evidence. Austin is a unique and fascinating city, and it hosts a conference that both showcases and reinforces its charms. It is, without a doubt, one of the premiere conferences in the country.”
-- Jessica Papin, Literary Agent


“Attending the 2015 Agents & Editors Conference was one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made. […] I’m fairly well-connected in the book world, but finding the right agent was a challenge. The A&E conference was a fantastic experience, and I would absolutely do it again. The speakers were relevant, interesting, and entertaining. I gathered quite a lot of useful information, everything from selling a book to promoting it, to writing it. I loved the opportunities you provided to mingle and the overall vibe of the conference was really nice, very friendly. Even the food was good! I'll be back!”
-- Kate Winkler Dawson, Attendee & Success Story (Kate was signed by an agent she met at the 2015 conference and her book was sold to a major publisher shortly thereafter; hoorah!)


“I loved the faculty and the spirit of the attendees. All of the gatherings were so thoughtfully planned.
-- Emily Forland, Literary Agent

“What a wonderful conference (the best I have ever been to!) and group of people.”
-- Maya Ziv, Editor

“It was by far the best run and most generous conference I’ve been to, and a great city to have it in!”
-- Ryan Doherty, Presenter

“I found the weekend to be truly flawless! […] I will be recommending your conference to my colleagues!”
-- Chelsea Lindman, Literary Agent

“This conference was my first but definitely will not be my last. Great work on putting together a first rate experience.”
-- Attendee

“So many thanks to all of WLT's amazing leaders and volunteers. Brilliantly organized and delivered!!”
-- Attendee

“The conference was a great experience that has boosted my confidence to continue to write and to send my pages out into the universe.”
-- Attendee

“I came away from the Agents & Editors conference feeling invigorated and once more proud of my writing skills. Nothing like mingling with hundreds of writers for three days to get the creative juices flowing. I will return next year.”
--- Attendee

“Very inspirational and full of very useful information about the craft and business of writing. The panelists were knowledgeable and very accessible.”
-- Attendee

“In my full-time job, I attend lots of conferences. This is by far the most organized, up-beat and helpful conference I have ever attended.”
-- Attendee

“This is a very professionally run conference. Very much worth the money and time. Met some wonderful writers I hope to stay in touch with, and some phenomenal people from the industry. There are several young writers I'm harassing to attend this conference next year. They may not realize it yet, but they need to go.”
-- Attendee

“I left the conference with a strong understanding of 1) What the publishing industry is like now, 2) What I need to do to get published, 3) What it is like after you get published. I also left with confident affirmation that I am focused on what is most important.”
-- Attendee

“Attending the June conference was my very first experience of such an event. It was a truly fascinating, inspiring, and highly educational occasion for me. I came away from the conference a better person.”
-- Attendee