Notice of Intent to Hold an Election to Amend the Writers' League of Texas Bylaws:

Per Article 7 of the Bylaws (see below), this shall serve as written notice that the Board of Directors is putting forth for the membership's vote several amendments to the Bylaws. The vote shall take place either via electronic ballot (to be mailed to all members in good standing on Friday, June 19) or in-person at the June Members Meeting scheduled for Friday, June 26 at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, TX. We ask that all members participate (either via electronic ballot or in person). Only votes received before midnight on Tuesday, June 30 will be counted.

The proposed changes can be found here.

If you have questions or would like to submit comments, please contact the WLT office at (512) 499-8914 or


Article 7: Amendment and Publication of Bylaws

7.1 Initiation process — A vote on amendment or repeal of the League Bylaws may be called by the Board of Directors or may be called by a petition signed by 10 percent of the General Membership.

7.2 Minimum notice — The Board shall send written notice of a Bylaws amendment vote to members. At least 45 days' written notice shall be required.

7.3 Notice format — The written notice shall include:

(a) the time and place of the vote,

(b) a request that all members participate,

(c) a brief explanation of the need for the change,

(d) the exact wording to be voted on, and

(e) the wording of all parts of the current Bylaws that would be replaced, affected, and/or deleted.

(f) Signed, written member comments shall be solicited prior to the election.

7.4 Bylaws procedure — The Bylaws shall be amended or repealed only by a two-thirds majority of members voting. The Nominating Committee shall oversee the election.

7.5 Publication of Bylaws — The Board shall make the Bylaws available to all members on the Writers’ League Web site and in printed form to any member on request.