The WLT Staff and Board of Directors are committed to racial equity. 

We believe it is important and essential that the WLT meet the challenge of this moment and take meaningful steps that will live up to the responsibility we have as the largest literary arts organization in Texas. We also believe that we should strive to make a measurable impact and that we must hold ourselves accountable when this moment is past so that we continue to do better not only this year but the next year and the year after that.

Our commitment to our community:

1) Because we believe that racial equity should be a priority in every area of our programming, the WLT commits to increasing the number of Black writers and industry experts we pay to teach and present, as well as the number of Black writers we invite to join panel discussions, readings, and other WLT events, by no less than 50% in the next year.

2) Because we recognize the importance of using our platform to celebrate Texas writers and stories, the WLT commits to amplifying the voices, stories, projects, and achievements of Black writers across the state. We will do this on an ongoing basis, via our newsletter and our social media platforms, coupled with a larger commitment to amplifying all Texas BIPOC writers.

3) Because we want to lift up the next generation of writers, the WLT will make no less than $2500 in scholarships available to emerging Black writers in the next year.

4) Because we know that accountability is crucial, we will report back to our membership on each of these commitments quarterly. In one year's time, we will look ahead to the next year and put forth a new set of action items building on those outlined here.

If you have questions or comments regarding this statement, please reach out to our Executive Director, Becka Oliver, at

Our original statement appeared in Footnotes on June 16, 2020.