Resources for Writers 


360 DIGITAL BOOKS - Short Run Printer, Book manufacturer.

ABSOLUTE WRITE - Also known as "AW", this is a free mesage board aimed at young adult and adult authors.

THE AUTHORS' ASSISTANT - A writer's one-stop shop for editing, publishing, and promotional services.

AUTHORLINK - Authorlink is an award-winning online news, information, and marketing service for editors, agents, producers, writers, and readers.

THE BLOG STARTER - The Blog Starter offers a free step-by-step tutorial to anyone looking to start a blog.

BOOK EDITING ASSOCIATES - Book Editing Associates serves writers, literary agents, and publishers. It is composed of mainstream, genre, trade, and academic publishing specialists. They specialize in copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading, manuscript critiques, book proposals, query letters, and creative writing instruction.

BOOK BLOG TOUR - LONE STAR LITERARY - The Blog Tour gives authors a chance to let readers know what’s new, and followers a chance to interact with them. Tours include reviews, Q and As, guest posts, author/book profiles and more. All of the bloggers in these blog tours are located in Texas. Email Lone Star Literary at

BOOKMASTER PUBLISHING 101 GUIDE - A comprehensive and practical tool for information on publishing and self-publishing.

DKF SERVICES - DKF provides services such as Ghostwriting, Line Editing, and Proofreading.

FORMSWIFT - A comprehensive guide to business and taxes as an independent worker, including writers and editors.

GRAMMARCHECK - An online spelling and grammar checker.

GUIDE TO PREVENTING PLAGARISM - A comprehensive guide dedicated to academic integrity developed by, which is a collection of higher education resources and information predominantly related to online studies.

HOW TO START A BLOG - How to start a blog (step by step guide).

I DESIGN BOOKS - A striking front cover design along with a compatible back cover, interior layout, and ebook formatting are essential to the success of every published book. Contact Kathy Sargent. Based in Austin, TX. 

INDIEBRAG- is owned and operated by indieBRAG, LLC, a privately held organization that has brought together a large group of readers, both individuals and members of book clubs, located throughout the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

INKED VOICES - a platform for writing groups. Start, join or host a private, online writing group. Listen to craft lectures and participate in agent events, all online.

INSTANTPUBLISHER.COM - is a full-service self publishing company with 100% of all work performed in-house. Based right outside Memphis, Tennessee, we've been helping authors achieve their dream of getting published for the past 13 years.

KIRKUS EDITORAL - Our mission is to give independent authors access to Kirkus’ editorial network, so before you solicit an agent or publisher, or if you self-publish, you can present the best version of your work, edited to the same standards held by the best publishers in America.

LITERARY RAMBLES- A resource which collects information on agents.

MAKE A WEBSITE HUB - Comprehensive guides to help you set up and maintain your own website or blog.

MANUSCRIPT EDITING - Manuscript Editing by Roger Paulding and Julian Kindred for the Reasonable Rate of 1¢ per word ($1.00/100 words), now with 20% OFF Summer Discount until the end of August (80¢/100 words). All Genres Welcome.

MARTHA WOOD -- GHOSTWRITING AND MEMOIRS - Experienced, Austin-based journalist who can bring your stories to life in your very own words. / / 313-580-5561

NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH - NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was founded in 1999 as a thirty-day solution to the problem of how to leverage the power of the internet to democratize novel-writing, and bring the empowering, hands-on joys of artistic creation to everyday lives around the world. If you are interested 10 steps to writing a novel in 30 days, visit this website.

OEDB 150 RESOURCES TO HELP WRITERS - Want even more links to helpful resources for writers? Check out Open Education Databases's guide to 150 helpful resources.

PAPER SKY CREATIVE - "We're not in the business of selling books. We'll leave that to you. What we offer are platforms designed to connect independent authors with eager new readers. We think the best way to do that is by presenting free, high quality content in a strategic manner."

PLAGARISM CHECK - Advanced plagiarism check software that detects paraphrase plagiarism, rearrangements and synonyms.

PREDITORS AND EDITORS - Researches whether or not an agent is legitimate and helpful, or should not be trusted.

QueryTracker - Finds agents by genre. Website also has predicted agent response times.

QueryShark - Contains query critiques from an agressive professional in the field.

SERVICESCAPE - We have been providing professional editing, translation, and writing services for over 15 years.

TAX ACT - Tax tips for authors, and people who are self-employeed. 

TEACHERS & WRITERS COLLABORATIVE - Teachers & Writers Collaborative trains poets to teach poetry in the elementary and high school classrooms in New York State, and publishes books and pamphlets for writers who teach all over the country. Distributes the free listing "Magazines That Print Student Writers."

TLC GRAPHICS- TLC Graphics and Narrow Gate Books are a complete solution for the small publisher with big dreams — whether you’re established, growing, or just getting started. We guide your manuscript through editorial, design, and printing to provide a beautiful and salable book you’ll be proud to represent.

THE VERLA KAY "BLUE BIRDS" - A message board designed for children's reading and young author literature.

TW LITERARY AUDIO WORKSHOPS - Free online audio podcasts on publishing topics taught by literary agent Ted Weinstein.

WEB DEL SOL - Web Del Sol publishes poetry and fiction and provides links to magazines, publishers, and organizations internationally.

WEBSITE HOSTING RATING - This here is a step-by-step “watch over my shoulder” tutorial on starting a blog with videos that are easy to follow and understand.

WINNING WRITERS - Winning Writers finds and creates quality resources for poets and writers.

WRITE AND SELF-PUBLISH - An Austin-based book coach, specializing in nonfiction.

ZEBRA COMMUNICATIONS - Zebra Communications is a group of book doctors and editors who offer services including book editing, ghostwriting, manuscript evaluation, copy editing, proofreading, book layout, poetry review, publication assistance, writing seminars, writers consultation and more.


Literary Databases 

AUTHORSDEN - Authorden is where authors and readers come together! Reviews for readers; book marketing for authors.

BIBLIOPHILIA - Bibliophilia is an online members-only writers' workshop where critique is exchanged, a place for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels. Registration is free and works are private, with copyrights remaining with the authors.

BOOKFINDER - Bookfinder is a great source for finding books that may be out of print.

BOOKWIRE - With over 18,000 reverse links, BookWire is the most comprehensive online portal into the book industry. Their mission is to provide librarians, publishers, booksellers, authors, and general book enthusiasts with the resources they need.

THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The British Library houses digital collections of one-of-a-kind exhibits, audios, and electronic resources. Also, you can find the British Library Sound Archive for recordings of writers and famous literary works.

DUOTROPE - Duotrope is an award-winning, free writers' resource listing over 4075 current Fiction and Poetry publications. One of the best archives on the web for finding contests, journals, and publishers tailored to your writing.

INFOGRAPHY OF TEXAS LITERATURE - Professors, librarians, and other subject specialists have written research guides about thousands of subjects for diferent fields of knowledge.

LITLINE - Litline offers links to literary journals, small presses and literary organizations with online connections.

LITTAP - The New York State Literary Presenters Technical Assistance Program, serves the literary community by providing literary presenting organizations and literary curators with the resources they need to succeed and survive.

PARIS REVIEW INTERVIEWS - This esteemed literary journal publishes the creative work of contemporary poets and authors, as well as in-depth, illuminating interviews with established writers. Their online archive offers the majority of these interviews since the 1950s for free viewing.

PENNSOUND - PennSound is a project of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania. PennSound is an ongoing project, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives. This is an invaluable archive of single, free, downloadable MP3s from predominantly contemporary poets. There is also a collection of classic audio recordings, also free for download.

WRITERSTV - Writers TV houses a collection of interviews produced for a television program in Austin, Texas called Writers@Work, as well as interviews produced exclusively for the internet. This is a place where you can see award winning authors and talented undiscovered writers talk about their work and the creative process.


Legal Services 

TEXAS ACCOUNTANTS AND LAWYERS FOR THE ARTS (TALA) - TALA has been providing pro bono legal & accounting services to artists (including writers) and non-profit organizations since 1979. TALA serves the entire state of Texas. 

U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE - Learn copyright basics, frequently asked questions and registration information

VOLUNTEER LAWYERS FOR THE ARTS (VLA) - VLA offers free consultations on legal concerns, publications, and workshops. Affiliates nationwide. 

SAVUR THREADGOLD LLP - Jonathan Lyons works primarily in the area of literary law. He has over ten years experience handling a variety of publishing and copyright related transactions on behalf of individuals and corporations, with an emphasis on print and digital publishing. His clients include authors, publishers, magazines, literary agents, distributors, and artists, among other publishing industry businesses and professionals. Contact:

KATHLEEN NIENDORF - Publishing consultant and literary agent. Offers advice about contracts for authors. Contact:



ACADEMY OF AMERICAN POETS - Academy of American Poets is a membership organization that advocates for poets and poetry. Sponsors National Poetry Month in April.

AUSTIN POETRY FESTIVAL -The Austin International Poetry Festival is an annual, four-day poetry festival featuring readings, workshops, open mikes, poetry slams, and a poetry symposium in various venues throughout Austin. Registration is required for workshops and poetry reading participation.

LYRIKLINE - Lyrikline is a platform on the internet on which poems are available for listening. The archive features a collection of international poems read in their original languages and various translations. 

POETRY 180 - Former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins collected 180 poems for teachers to read in high school classrooms during the school year. Poetry 180 encourages schools to read aloud a poem each day to the their students. Collins believe that merely hearing a poem each day without the pressure of studying or analyzing it, might convince students that poetry can be an understandable, painless and even eye-opening part of their everyday experience.

THE POETRY ARCHIVE - The Poetry Archive is a wonderful collection of recordings of poets reading their work. Listeners can access unlimited audios of both contempory and poets from the past, free of charge. The archive exists to help make poetry accessible, relevant and enjoyable to a wide audience.

POETRY DAILY - Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry. Each day they have a new poem from new books, magazines, and journals. Poems are chosen from the work of a wide variety of poets published or translated in the English language. The anthology features both well known poets and upcoming or lesser-known poets.

THE POETRY FOUNDATION - The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience.


Young Writers

BADGERDOG - Many of the Library Foundation’s programs are devoted to literacy, reading, and increasing the entire community’s access to information and knowledge. The Library Foundation is very pleased to enrich its commitment to literacy through its Badgerdog writing program.

AUSTIN BAT CAVE - We are a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for kids that connects a diverse population of young writers and learners with a vibrant community of adult volunteers in Austin.

CHILDREN'S BOOKS COUNCIL (CBC) - CBC is a non-profit trade association whose membership consists of U.S. publishers and packagers of trade books for children and young adults, and producers of related literacy materials. The CBC promotes the use and enjoyment of children's trade books and related materials and disseminates information about publishing.

KIDS CAN PUBLISH UNIVERSITY - Kids Can Publish University, is the website where the authors, journalists, poets, photographers and cartoonists of tomorrow can get published today! Kids can get stories, poems, editorials, articles, photography or cartoons published - free of charge - for all the world to read by entering pieces in Kids Can Publish University's monthly contest.

LITERARY DEVICES GUIDE - Online resource listing common literary devices provided by Maryville University.

NATIONAL CENTER FOR ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN'S LITERATURE - The NCCIL collaborates with award-winning children's literature artists to produce exhibitions of their artwork that are distinctive and appealing to museum visitors of all ages. In addition to this unique artistic partnership, following its debut at the NCCIL gallery each exhibition travels to museums, public libraries, and galleries nationwide. The museum is located in Abilene, Texas.

READER VIEWS KIDS - Reader Views Kids is the place where you can read book reviews written by children and teens.If you are an author or publisher, Reader Views Kids will review your books.

WORDTIPS: A GUIDE TO GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION - Wordtips outlines common grammar and punctuation mistakes, while offering helpful tips and tricks.

YOUNG POETS NETWORK - The Young Poets Network is an online community for adolescent writers. The site features poetry basics, reading suggestions, exercises, and advice from established contemporary poets.


Senior Writers

A GLIMMER OF HOPE FOUNDATION- A foundation dedicated to both elderly and young authors. Features a lengthy projects page of Senior-specific resources and workshops, both for receiving and giving help.


Festivals & Retreats

HIGHLIGHTS FOUNDATION- The Highlights Foundation is aimed at improving the quality of children’s literature by helping authors and illustrators hone their craft. They host workshops and retreats at our conference center in the beautiful Pocono Mountains near Honesdale, Pennsylvania. They host more than three dozen workshops covering a variety of topics.

HOUSTON INDIE BOOK FESTIVAL - The annual Houston Indie Book Festival is completely free and open to the public and remains the only one of its kind in the Houston and Austin areas. It featuring a variety of nationally-distributed literary journals and small-press books alongside local booksellers, book and magazine publishers, small presses, literary organizations, and writers.

LUZ DE BLANCO - A Texas Hill Country Retreat Center for a peaceful writers' space for individuals or groups. 

SHAW GUIDES - Shaw Guides is a comprehensive guide to writers conferences and festivals throughout the country that can be searched by location, date, financial aide information, and other useful topics.

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL - The Texas Book Festival was established in 1995 by First Lady Laura Bush, an ardent advocate of literacy, to honor Texas authors, promote the joys of reading and benefit the state's public libraries.

WEST TEXAS WRITERS' ACADEMY - An annual 5-day intensive writing retreat led by professional writers. Sponsored by West Texas A&M University.

THE WRITING BARN- The Writing Barn is the perfect location for a writing workshop, a yoga workshop or a crafting/art class.