Watch these interviews with faculty members
from the 2011 and 2012 Agents Conferences

(Videos provided by Author Solutions)


Alan Rinzer

Agents and Self-Publishing   

 Industry veteran Alan Rinzler talks about how a platform and quality work are required for a self-published authors to secure an agent.(WLT 2011)

Suzy Spencer

Researching True Crime

 Author of Wages of Sin, Spencer shares her insight about researching true crime novels. (WLT 2011)


Cyndi Hughes 

Finding an Agent

 Previous Executive Director of The Writers' League, offers an overview of how to find an agent, why it's important to focus on the genre you're in, and on using all the resources available to find an agent best suited for your manuscript.(WLT 2011)


Jennifer Ziegler  

Connecting with Young Readers

 YA author and current Program Director at the Writers' League, Ziegler explains how she stays connected with her readers.(WLT 2011)


Jessica Anderson 

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

 As a Texas YA author, Anderson discusses where she gets her inspiration and how her writing interacts with her personal experiences. (WLT 2011)


Kathleen Ortiz

The Changing Role of the Agent 

 Sub Rights Director and an agent at Nancy Coffey Literary Agency, Ortiz shares her thoughts on how the roles of publishers and agent are changing for both authors and readers in the digital age. (WLT 2011)


Rhiannon Frater

Make it Unique

 A successful indie author, Frater understands that no matter what story you are trying to tell, the strength of your book depends on the way in which you tell it. (WLT 2011)


Thomas Umstattd  

Making Money as an Author

 CEO and media expert Thomas Umstattd discusses how non-fiction authors can increase their income by branding themselves and converting books into speaking engagement. (WLT 2011)


Rusty Shelton

The Importance of Website Interactivity

 Do you want to use social media to get some attention from traditional media to build the market for your book? Marketing guru Rusty Shelton has some tips for you to build your fan base and your sales. (WLT 2011)


David Patterson

Can an Author be Successful with Self Publishing?

 Literary agent David Patterson explains how self-published authors can be successful by following some simple steps. (WLT 2011)


General Advice for Those Seeking an Agent 

 Literary agent David Patterson gives general advice for those seeking a literary agent.(WLT 2011)


David Wilkinson

Are Conventions Helpful to Authors?

  Author David Wilkinson answers the question 'Are conventions helpful to authors? (WLT 2011)

Do You Have a Writing Routine?

 Author David Wilkinson discusses writing routines. (WLT 2011)

Advice for New Authors

 Wilkinson's tips for those curious about being an Author. (WLT 2011)

PJ Hoover

Challenges of Writing Mid Grade and YA Fiction

  Hoover addresses some obstacles unique to the genre.(WLT 2011)


Switching Careers to be an Author 

 The scary step to professional authorhood might be calmed with Hoover's guidance. (WLT 2012)


Self-Published Novel Picked up by Traditional Publisher

 The exciting but intimidating step when a self-published book gains interest to a large publishing house. (WLT 2012)


Marika Flatt

What is the Correct Timing for a Successful PR Campaign?  

  Flatt's tactical advice on marketing your book.(WLT 2011)

Cindy Jones

 Are Contests Helpful for Your Book?

 Are you considering entering a writing contest? Author Cindy Jones describes why it was so valuable for her to enter the contest at the annual Writer's League of Texas conference.(WLT 2011)


“Innovative Marketing” 

 Author Cindy Jones describes her approach to marketing her novel. Marketing fiction can sometimes feel harder than marketing other books. You'll love the ideas Cindy shares, and it will surely inspire you to find creative ways to do your own marketing.(WLT 2011) (WLT 2011)  


Rita Rosenkranz  

How Have Your Interests as an Agent Changed?

 Rosenkrantz explains the gradual evolution of what exactly agents should do. (WLT 2012 )


Brian Yansky 

How Does A Writer Know Where To Begin A Story?

 Yansky's tips on starting off your work.(WLT 2012 )


Stephanie Barko

How Can a Publicist Help?

 Barko explains the specific jobs of the ambiguous profession and how it can help you. (WLT 2012 )


Diana Lopez

Is It Important For YA Authors To Provide Teacher Resources?

 Lopez helps answer a commonly asked question to YA Authors. (WLT 2012 )


Karleen Koen  

How Can Writers Create Income While Building Writing Credibility?

 One of the practical questions of authorhood is answered in Koen's video. (WLT 2012 )


Mary Lindsey

How To Deliver Rich Believable Characters 

 Lindsey's writing tips on a topic that transcends genre. (WLT 2012 )


Beena Kamlani

Working with a Developmental Editor

 A business video dedicated to explaining the relationship between an editor and author while the manuscript is still being completed. (WLT 2012 )