Community Outreach 



Here at the Writers' League, we're always happy to hear a bit more about the communities around Texas that our members and other writers call home, especially as we look ahead to the planning of future events. This Community Outreach Form was designed to gather some details that will keep us informed about what's happening across the state and lay the groundwork for programming in other places. For our members outside of Central Texas, specifically, this is an important part of a larger effort to connect with you in person more often.

Fill out as much or as little of this form as you can and remember that the more information you share, the better informed we'll be. We've asked for your contact email so that we can follow-up with questions if needed, so thanks for including that along with your full name.

As always, if you have questions, call us at (512) 499-8914 or send an email to

And thanks so much for taking the time!

Click here to fill out the Community Outreach Form.