Parking at St. Edward's University

Classes at St. Edward's University take place in Moody Hall, near the center of campus, east of the Ragsdale Center and west of the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center. To locate the building, follow these directions:

From South Congress Avenue

Turn east onto University Drive and take the first right onto Moody Drive. Follow it through a hard right and hard left until you see Moody Hall on the left.


Turn east onto Woodward Street and take the first left onto Andre Drive. Then, take your first right onto Moody Drive and follow it until you see Moody Hall on the left.


From I-35


Turn right onto St. Edward's Drive and then left on University Drive. When you reach Mary Moody Northern and a series of parking lots, turn left onto Theater Drive and then right onto Moody Drive. Follow Moody Drive until you see the building on your right.


Turn right onto Woodward Street and then right onto Theater Drive. Turn left onto Moody Drive and follow it until you see Moody Hall on your right.

There is open parking on Saturdays at St. Edward’s. This means that guests may park in any lot not designated as residential. Do not park in spots marked "reserved" or that have an orange color stripe. However, occasionally the university has other events going on simultaneously, so please plan extra time to locate parking and walk to the building. The closest lots to Moody Hall are located immediately to the east and south of the building. You may also park in the visitor's lot near Mary Moody Northern Theater or in the lots around the Recreation and Convocation Center, across the street from the Ragsdale Center.

Finding the Classroom


Room 204 is located on the second floor. If you take the ramp into the building, you enter the second floor. Otherwise, you will need to take the stairs or elevator inside the building. The second floor is organized as a square around an open balcony over the first floor. To find the room, walk to your right until you see the open door and our class assistant's smiling face. The room is cold. Bring a sweater!

There should be no problem accessing Moody Hall. However, if for some reason the building or classroom is locked (or if you get turned around on campus), call the University Police at