Project WISE
(Writers in Schools for Enrichment)



Partnering Writers in the Community with Students in the Classroom

The Writers’ League strives to foster literary appreciation in children by bringing established writers into public schools. This effort, known as Project WISE (Writers in Schools for Enrichment), is offered at no cost to participating schools and students. Since its beginning over a decade ago, this program has impacted more than 50,000 students and continues to add to that impressive number every year.

Through Project WISE, Pre-K through 12th grade public school students can establish and expand their appreciation of the literary arts by learning about the creative process directly from writing professionals. Authors, poets, storytellers, and other accomplished writers share their unique experiences while leading presentations that focus on the writing process, the elements of fiction and other written work, how to research and organize information, finding ideas and drawing material from one’s own life, developing one’s unique writing “voice,” and other educational topics. Instruction adheres to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in the areas of Reading and English/Language Arts and often augments the curriculum in progress.

Project WISE is funded by the City of Austin Cultural Arts division and facilitated by the Writers' League of Texas. Participating campuses must be public schools within the Austin city limits. (Note: Schools do not need to have Title One status to enroll in the program.)

If you are an Austin-area public educator or librarian and wish to participate in this program, or if you are a published writer and would like to join our roster of presenters, please contact Jordan Smith, Project WISE Coordinator, at


This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Visit Austin at