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2020 Summer Writing Retreat - "Let's Write: An All-Genres Generative Craft Workshop" with ire'ne lara silva

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8/5/2020 to 8/27/2020

Level 1 Registration (Class Only): $209 Members / $269 Non-members

Level 2 Registration (Class + Consultation): $289 Members / $349 Non-members

Registration for this class is now closed. 

Class Meeting Times:

"Let's Write" will meet for a total of four sessions on Wednesday evenings in August: 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26

6:00pm to 9:00pm CDT on Zoom

Class Description:
In this class -- open to poets, fiction writers, memoirists, dreamers, makers, thinkers, lovers of the word -- the focus will be on connecting with the joy of writing and, yes, getting words down on the page. Each week’s session will have a focus (detailed below), plus there will be some assignments throughout the month. But mostly registrants can expect to spend time talking and writing, sharing, talking some more, and then writing some more. Prompts will be flexible and will work with whatever kind of writing you do or want to try. The main goal: to surprise ourselves with all the stories we’re holding inside, to learn from the work we love, and to connect to that energy of creation and exploration that will have us filling pages and pages. This workshop is appropriate for writers of all genres and all skill levels.

Session Descriptions:

Session #1 / Telling the Truth: Jumping off from the idea that writers should “tell the truth, then tell even more truth,” this session will focus on writing prompts and discussions that center on knowing yourself, knowing others, telling those truths, becoming more comfortable with telling the truth, and then going in deeper.

Session #2 / Building Worlds: We tend to think world-building applies to only science fiction and fantasy, but whether we're writing a collection of poetry, a memoir, a historical novel, or even writing a novel based on what we know, we still have to work on building a reality that readers can believe in. In this session, we'll focus on writing prompts and discussions that explore ideas of the known and unknown, the familiar and strange, consistency, and the logic of place and characters/narrators.

Session #3 / Strategic Choices: Writing gives us infinite possibilities to draw from. In a sense, we are making a choice with every word we write. We'll focus on writing prompts and discussions that discuss how we make these choices and what are the most strategic/effective ways to approach new and in-progress works.

Session #4 / Digging Deeper: This session will be structured differently as we'll be looking at work created in the first three sessions and discussing different ways of approaching this material to dig deeper and tell more truth. The goal won't be to create polished, publication-ready work. The goal will be to rupture our own expectations, to get excited about the possibilities for revision and expansion, and to begin that work in a supportive environment.

This class is for writers who want to start writing or re-awaken their writing. Writers of all genres and experience levels are welcome.

Participation: It's recommended that participants be present for scheduled class time. Sessions will be highly interactive. There will be 1-2 small group activities per session that will not be available to those who access session recordings afterwards. The instructor will be available to answer any questions in real time only.

Homework Expectations: The instructor may assign homework, but none of it will involve writing. Most of it will be "Questions to Think About," non-writing activities, or examples that participants will be asked to present in the sessions.

ire’ne lara silva is the author of three poetry collections, furia, Blood Sugar Canto, and CUICACALLI/House of Song, an e-chapbook, Enduring Azucares, and a short story collection, flesh to bone, which won the Premio Aztlán. She and poet Dan Vera are also the co-editors of Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzaldúan Borderlands, a collection of poetry and essays. ire’ne is the recipient of a 2017 NALAC Fund for the Arts Grant, the final recipient of the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Award, and was the Fiction Finalist for AROHO’s 2013 Gift of Freedom Award. ire'ne is currently working on her first novel, Naci, and a second collection of short stories titled, the light of your body. You can find her at


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